Lunch With Friends ft. Kale Me Maybe

Introducing “Lunch with Friends”, a mini video series featuring food enthusiasts, bloggers, influencers and chefs from around the world who are creating and eating outside of the norm. Our mission is to bring new ideas to the table, literally. Whether it is in the kitchen or at a restaurant, CEO + Founder, Kirsten Potenza will be gathering tips, tricks and takeaways from these badass foodies.

This month we had the opportunity to sit down with health and wellness journalist and food blogger, Carina Wolff. Carina is a “Kaleifornia” girl who was born and raised in Los Angeles, but left to New York City for college to attend New York University and study journalism + psychology. “I have always had a passion for writing, but it was at NYU that I started to become interested in nutrition and healthy cooking.” It was during her senior year in college that she started Kale Me Maybe to help others learn about nutrition through easy-to-make and tasty recipes.

We gave Carina the power to choose where we ate lunch and man did she pick a good one. We met up at Gjusta in Venice, CA. Gjusta sources nearly all of its fresh produce directly from SoCal farmers and most of the meat and seafood from local ranchers, fishermen, and co-ops. It was the perfect place to talk food and how it affects our mood. Here’s what we learned:

Carina Wolff @kalememaybe

  1. Gut Brain Connection
    Surprisingly enough you have serotonin receptors in your gut. So keep your gut healthy and you happy by eating probiotic rich foods such as fermented veggies and yogurt.
  2. The Harmful Sugar High
    Sugar has the least nutritional value and the most harmful effects. Try avoiding sugars to decrease inflammation and prevent mood swings.
  3. Meat or no meat?
    Meat CAN be GOOD for you, not the factory farmed low quality meat but grass fed locally raised meat. Meats have an amino acid called tryptophan that converts into serotonin which can increase your mood.
  4. Matcha vs Coffee
    Although coffee is really good for you and can help prevent cancers and disease, it can also increase anxiety. Where as matcha has an amino acid called athena that is calming + relaxing and creates a steady energy unlike coffee. Listen to your body after your morning cup of coffee and scale back if you feel anxious or angry.
  5. Everybody is different.
    Everybody and every BODY is different and reacts differently to foods. Find what works for you and keeps you in your happy place. Track your food and beverage intake for one week and take notes on how everything makes you feel.

This conversation (especially the coffee part) led us to ask Carina, how in the world do you make it through your mid day slumps? Of course she had an amazing response. Check out her 3 ways below: 

  • Dark Chocolate: Perfect for when you have the afternoon slump! Dark chocolate can curb your sweet tooth and give you a mini caffeine boost without overdoing it.
  • Taking A Walk: Whenever I’m feeling sluggish, I like to take a quick walk wherever I can! The movement is energizing, and it can even help sharpen your mind.
  • Lots of Water: It sounds so silly, but I love water! Even just mild dehydration can cause fatigue, so drink up!

You can find Carina and more of her easy + delicious recipes on any of her social pages linked below! 



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