POUND Launches The Big Green Couch

POUND has never been just about a workout–for many of us, it’s a lifestyle and it’s a community. A forum for making all kinds of noise.
As a company, we believe in evolving both bodies AND minds – in inclusivity, human connection and the persistent pursuit of progress. For a long time I’ve wanted to create a space to bring forward meaningful and thought-provoking conversations around topics that are important to our community and add value to YOUR overall wellness journey, in our kind of way 😉
The Big Green Couch, our new podcast (sometimes with live videos!), is this space–and I’m so excited to finally share it with you! Each month we’ll be releasing a new episode featuring different noisemakers who rebelliously lead in their industries and have bold viewpoints on the subjects we’re covering.
In our first episode, MINDS before BODIES, I had the honor of talking to Kelli Rugless, Kelsey Patel, Torri Shack & Katie Horwitch, some of our favorite experts and advocates on mental health. We dive into personal stories, tangible ways to be mindful in real life and our roles as leaders, companies and communities to bring awareness and end the stigma.
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Peace, Love & Ripstix,

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  1. pound is beyond a workout, it is a way to release my inner feeling and stay positive and tuned , i missed your training class in Egypt this month , I am waiting for your next one .

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