PRO STORIES: Kathy Moore

Our third episode of Pro Stories—a video series about the power of POUND—features Kathy Moore, a local rockstar, who believes that if you have a pulse you have a purpose. Her purpose, among many things, is to create a world where humans can feel comfortable and empowered to be themselves. She uses POUND to create positive change in her students, as well as raise awareness and support for charitable causes in her community and beyond. Here is Kathy’s story.You’ll find Kathy and her family in Nashville, TN where she has created a POUND community like no other. When you walk into her class, you feel it immediately—imagine an environment filled with individuals who see past their differences, support each other in-and-out of class and embody the true definition of a fitness rebel. That’s what Kathy has created. The new relationships that have formed within her community drive home Kathy’s wish for a future of less hate and judgement, and the ability to just love and accept all humans without an agenda.

She is motivated to not lead a life of mediocrity, which is evident in all she has done and continues to do for others. “Why would you not want to use your skills and talent to help people discover and become the best versions of themselves?” Kathy explains. “Help folks discover and unleash a side of them they didn’t know existed. They’re badass rockstars!” Her plan is to reach and influence as many people within her corner of the world as possible. Kathy explains further, “If we all did that, the possibilities would be limitless!”

Kathy has also passed on her big heart to her daughter, McKenzie, who is very active in giving back to her community. Following in her mother’s footsteps, McKenzie has become a POUND Pro herself—this mother-daughter duo even co-teach together!

Sometimes in life, we see tragedy before we see clarity. After coming face-to-face with the tragedy of losing a very young child, Kathy’s purpose became clear. In the 20 years since, Kathy and her husband have honored the legacy of their late daughter by giving back to people who needed it most through non-profit work, serving seniors, inner city children and many community POUND events. They have supported surgeries for premature babies, worked with orphanages in the developing world and more. Their passion for others continued to grow and soon Pathway Project was established—a transitional home for orphans over the age of 18 in Ensenada, Mexico where they can build confidence and learn life skills before entering the world on their own.

Kathy doesn’t allow her experiences in life to define her; she instead refines how she lives her life because of them. “I think we all have a responsibility to be good citizens of the world. If you have a pulse you have a purpose. That is what drives me. I have been blessed and given grace. I in turn need to bless and give grace—we all have so much to give,” says Kathy. You could argue that one person can’t change the world, but Nashville—Kathy’s world—will always feel the ripple effect of her and her family’s intentions.

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  1. Hi and Thankyou for sharing your story Kathy! I’m inspired to explore Elder PoundFit!!! Newbie to being a Pro, I’m thinking that the elders would help my “leader” fears because I used to be an activity director well beforePoundfit! Hope to hear more from you! ArleneC

  2. I LOVE Kathy so very much! Us Southern girls connected immediately at #AMPLIFYBKLN last year! She included me in her adventures without hesitation and we have become real “friends.” Can’t say enough good things about her!! Her daughter is a shining light, as well! (and she kicks my butt at Words with Friends) If you ever get to Nashville, look them up. She will welcome you with open arms.

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