PRO STORIES: Yesenia Marrero

Our fourth episode of Pro Stories—a video series about the power of POUND—features Yesenia Marrero, a loving, LOUD mama and POUND ICON from San Juan, Puerto Rico who stops at nothing to help others achieve their goals. After Hurricane Maria pummeled her hometown in late 2017, Yesenia and her Posse brought the community together by teaching POUND whenever and wherever they could to offer sanity, happiness and motivation. Here is Yesenia’s story.

Yesenia Marrero has been an athlete for most of her life, as a swimmer, marathon runner and National Water Polo player. She is also trained in musical theater, piano and modern dance. With movement and music running through her veins, there was an instant connection when she experienced POUND for the first time. Shortly after, Yesenia became one of our first POUND Pros and later a POUND ICON.

After her Pro training she introduced POUND to her hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico and began building and nurturing her POUND community there. Her passionate Pro community gets together often—sharing their love for music, movement, rock and drumming. With a deep passion to inspire, Yesenia helps others see the beauty that life has to offer. “I’ve learned that music heals, transforms and unites. People need to be inspired intrinsically in order to achieve their full potential,” explains Yesenia. Through POUND she has seen people in her community fight depression, recover from cancer, treat developmental disabilities, and more.

“I’m motivated by my family and passion to inspire others to be the very best they could be through fitness, health and wellness,” explains Yesenia when asked what gets her out of bed in the morning. Her 8-year-old son, Marcelo, is the light of her life that keeps her inspired. He can often be seen co-teaching and experiencing POUND with Yesenia!

Over the years, Yesenia has used POUND as a catalyst to bring people together and believes her work is not done yet. When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in late 2017, Yesenia and her Posse brought the community together to heal, through POUND. “Hurricane Maria has been the greatest storm that has ever passed through our island. We lost most of our power grid, water supply and sense of hope. I’m so glad to say that our POUND community united to keep going by teaching whenever and wherever they could just to keep our minds sane, happy and motivated.”

We’re so proud of our Pros and ICONs who—without thinking—reached out to help Yesenia and her community in Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria took hold. Through Yesenia’s spirit and passion, Puerto Ricans affected by Hurricane Maria and the POUND community at large, grow a little stronger each day.

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  1. Yesenia and her class are wonderful!!! Loved this????️Wish I could get on a plane and pound with them❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love Yesenia and the PR community…with her leadership, guidance, and strength she has helped them continue to be encouraged, feel inspired, and unleash. Proud to know her and call her a friend and fellow teammate! XO

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