Release Your Inner Rockstar

It’s More Than A Workout

We built POUND to bring a fun and effective workout to people around the world. More importantly, we built it to be a safe place to be whoever you want to be. It’s a workout and an environment that meets you exactly where you are. No matter what.

Having a platform to get in tune with yourself, to express your creativity, to drop the ‘shoulds’, the stress and expectations; and just come into the strength and power of who you really are… changes absolutely everything.

Releasing your inner rockstar is the act of becoming the best, and most authentic version of you.

And whether you’re a mom, a teacher, a college student, or a barista—you have an inner rockstar waiting to be unleashed.

Check out these videos below, featuring stories from some of our inspiring rockstars!

My Inner Rockstar is: BRAVE

Join Amanda and 20K instructors in more than 94 countries leading this transformative fitness revolution.

My Inner Rockstar is: BADASS

#AnyAgeAnyStage 💚

My Inner Rockstar is: LOUD

Mom = Takes care of family + teaches POUND 😉
See how Katoya and women just like YOU are making NOISE around the globe!

My Inner Rockstar is: BRAVE & BOLD

“Ripstix sound the same in every language” 💚
Join a community of FITNESS REBELS united by beat and movement, making noise around the world

My Inner Rockstar Is: EXPLODING

The sky is the limit with POUND.
Whether you are starting your first or second career, join a community of inspiring instructors teaching this cardio jam session inspired by drumming! 🤘

My Inner Rockstar is: COURAGEOUS

Your strength comes from within. POUND gives you the power to UNLEASH it.

My Inner Rockstar Is: UNAPOLOGETIC

We’d like to put an exclamation point on THIS:
“It’s okay to be who you are in the body you are in today.”

My Inner Rockstar Is: WORTHY

“When you want something, go out and GET IT”

My Inner Rockstar Is: UNLEASHED

Families that POUND together 🤘

My Inner Rockstar Is: PASSIONATE

“My soul came back to me through POUND✨”

My Inner Rockstar Is: RESILIENT

“IT WAS MY THERAPY” 💚 Love you, Erika



10 Responses

  1. I love teaching Pound & am so grateful for my Posse; the joy & determination on their faces & their loud cheers as we rock through the tracks fuels me for the rest of my week & I know it does them too.

  2. This community is LIT! 🔥 Walking in the streets has changed for me – whenever I listen to my playlist, I’m always marking the moves! Such a great stress reliever after a long tiring day at work. For this reason I am always grateful for POUND!!!

  3. I am so grateful to have found Pound and the incredible people that have come into my life they Pound. I love sharing my passion for it with others. It allows me to also share my love for music and help to change lives one beat at a time.

  4. Pound is the only workout that identifies you as a person! It tells my story perfectly I love teaching this amazing workout and most of all it makes me feel alive when I see my class go all in.
    Diane Niezgoda North Olmsted, Ohio

  5. Is there a studio in the Hall County Area that I can attend?

    Please let me know. I prefer classes, is possible.

    Thank you.

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