BGC // Ep #16: Elmo Lovano

on pursuing your passion & creating community through music

Passion. Community. Music. Three elements that Elmo Lovano strives to incorporate not only in his everyday life but also in business. As a drummer and musical director turned entrepreneur, Elmo is now creating solutions for problems in the music industry and producing the most epic music experiences with his company Jammcard, the Music Professional Network.

In this episode, Kirsten chats with her long time friend about his experiences performing with artists such as Skrillex and Christina Perri. Throughout the episode, we will get an inside look at his journey touring as a teenager, the pivot of turning his passion into a business, and why building community through music will never fade.


0:05 – Kirsten introduces Elmo and how they met through Kitchen24 

3:44 – Elmo’s nickname and how it came about 

7:23 –  Early memories about drumming and how it came about being a career 

10:01 – Parent support and fitting in at the age of 15 

16:05 – Top career highlights pre-Jam Card

23:05 – Tips for the community on how to stay positive or filled with such light and good energy 

25:41 – Challenges in the music industry in general and during the pandemic 

28:54 – On family and how family is so important 

29:25 – About the Jam Card app and the inspiration behind it 

31:22 – What it was like transitioning to a business owner 

36:43 – Elmo chats about the growth of POUND 

40:43 – Creating Jam Jam, What is it,  how much of creating Jam card was to create a community for people? And how much of it was to create a platform that supported musicians?

49:38 – Silver Lining for musicians during the pandemic 

52:53 – Three artists to look out for that our community might know of 


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