BGC // Ep #11: Jenny Schatzle

on her recent book, breaking the cycle: free yourself from the story that's holding you back

If you’re looking for that person to light the fire you need to get your life back on track, look no further. From mom life to fitness, TedX Speaker, business owner, and author Jenny Shatzle is both relatable and empowering.

Throughout the conversation, we discuss her newest book, Breaking The Cycle, and how we are all fully capable of creating the life we want to live. From recognizing self-sabotaging habits, negative self-talk and finding the root of our issues, get ready to shift the conversation with yourself, and learn how to make your life your own.

For more information and to order her new book, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram


5:09 Jenny discusses her mission to change the conversation on body image, self-worth, the power of movement, and living in a diet-obsessed culture.

6:09 Discussing why women want to be better for their children but are not willing to be better for themselves

8:50 The destructive dialogue we have with other women in order to “relate”

11:44 On choosing who you want to be and changing they way we have been programmed 

15:05 How Jenny got into group fitness and her experience learning to find herself and her style

19:40 Every day is a work in progress to better yourself; how we all have our own struggles we are facing

24:58 Hustle culture and the feeling that we are not good enough to take that step forward

29:21 Jenny’s experience writing her new book and the struggles she has faced throughout her own journey

34:39 Jenny’s experience with her TedTalk and having her first Brene Brown moment

39:17 The biggest struggles and silver lining Jenny has experience throughout COVID

42:47 Being a mom, how Jenny finds time for herself and balance everything

45:37 On communicating what you need from your partner to not become angry or resentful 

49:02 Listening and learning your partners love languages 

50:58 Jenny’s advice on baby books for future mothers 

51:42 Jenny’s favorite podcasts

52:51 Learning patience and how to communicate with her children 

53:32 Where you can find Jenny on Instagram and her website


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