BGC // Ep #12: Ashlee Wisdom

On Initiating Change, Following Your Gut and How Failures Fuel Innovation

A champion for health equity and healthcare innovation, Ashlee Wisdom is the Founder & CEO of Health In Her Hue, a digital platform that connects Black women to culturally competent healthcare providers, services, and health content. Throughout the conversation, Ashlee provides historic insight on systemic racism in health care and the unethical advances that have been made in science. From her personal experience as a patient to starting the company, Ashlee Wisdom will leave you understanding how to check your “insurance freedom” privilege, advocating for yourself and ways you can support change in racial disparities.

Books Recommended:
The Messy Middle: Finding Your Way Through the Hardest and Most Crucial Part of Any Bold Venture
Scott Belsky

Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present
Harriet A. Washington



4:22 Ashlee’s humble beginnings, family experience in caregiving and time at Howard

8:10 Her pivot from becoming pursuing medical school to focusing on healthy policy

11:00 Going back to that moment in time she realized what she wanted to pursue

14:23 The reality of the US healthcare system & advances make in science on the back of black woman

15:28 Systemic racism being embedded in our healthcare system

19:00 Why Health in Her Hue was specifically designed for black women

21:42 Health in her Hue’s primary purpose and ways to offer solutions

24:57 Providing not only doctors, of color, but ensuring they are fully qualified for care

29:51 Health privilege with “insurance freedom”

32:49 Realizing you know your body better than any doctor, advocating for your health

34:41 Ways we can support and understand the change in racial disparities in our healthcare system

36:15 Why voting for better policies can help move the needle in the health care system

37:25 Ashlee’s experience as an entrepreneur and starting Health in Her Hue

40:00 Dealing and managing stress and the lightbulb moment that turned on with Health in Her Hue

43:15 The final straw that called Ashlee to create Health in Her Hue

45:34 Resources recommended learning more

47:56 New apps Ashlee is using, favorite restaurants in NYC and her one piece of advice


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