BGC // Ep. #13: Emma Barry

On Being Fearless in Your Purpose & the Hybridized Future of Fitness

A global fitness icon, Emma Barry is one of the founding members of Les Mills International and former Director of Programming at the powerhouse club, Equinox. Her latest project Good Soul Hunting is one of the many hats this fitness authority wears as she continues to serve on numerous boards and advisories “lighting fires” under all people and projects she touches. From business, the future of fitness and how to navigate through the world we are in today, Emma gives us tangible insights and tactical ways to own who you are through all of it. 


2:21 Emma’s experience with COVID and creating deeper relationships

8:53 What communication looks like in Emma’s family

13:06 How Emma started with Les Mills

18:15 Why purpose and people will always be the core of driving businesses

19:44 Emma’s experience being a female in a male dominated industry

21:33 How Emma carved her own path and manifested her life 

25:40 How Emma has stayed fearless throughout her career

29:52 Why your personal brand is your business 

33:25 Stepping into your purpose and owning it 

35:52 The hybridized future of fitness and what that means for companies

38:21 Why there is so much fear with club based fitness
43:29 How and why the fitness and food industries are now competing

49:12 What small businesses and instructors can be doing to stay ahead and how to find out what your community needs

55:19 Emma’s definition of CALM and how to implement it in your life


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