BGC // Ep #15: Ingrid Potenza

On Motherhood and Raising our Favorite Rebel

Kirsten sits down with her mom, Ingrid, for a special holiday episode where they ask each other questions from our community on Motherhood, finding balance and knowing when to let your kids lead.

Get an intimate look at Kirsten’s own childhood as well as her pregnancy journey, early days as a mom and the kind, entrepreneurial and endlessly creative woman who raised her.


3:58 – Ingrid’s memories of KP growing up as a child

6:37 – Raising a confident child and encouraging them to do what they enjoy

18:32 – Danish Christmas traditions and continuing those traditions through different generations 

24:28 – Kirsten and Brita childhood story from the vault 

30:59 – The important lessons Ingrid has learned from being a mom 

32:58 – Ingrid’s thoughts around Kirsten starting POUND and hardest thing she do as a mother 

36:55 – Finding balance and facing challenges while being entrepreneurial parents and juggling raising three girls 

40:12 – The story and importance behind Kirsten grandmother raising 6 children and keeping her job 

43:15 – Mom vs entrepreneur – What is harder? 

45:11 – Tips on improving your skills during quarantine as an artist 

48:42  – What was Ingrid doing right now at Kirsten age?  

51:50 – Ingrid’s thoughts and feelings of when Kirsten told her she was pregnant 

53:49 – What it’s like to see Kirsten as a mother and how it has changed their relationship as mother and daughter

1:01:22 – Ingrid’s turn to ask Kirsten questions. What has changed from carrying Oscar to know holding and feeding him.

1:06:15 – The transition of being someone’s child to someone’s parent 

1:09:56 – KP’s favorite childhood memory

1:12:21 – One aspect of Ingrid’s parenting that Kirsten will continue to implement


The Big Green Couch is a topical series brought to you by POUND Fitness. Tune in as POUND CEO + Co-creator Kirsten Potenza chats with noisemakers who rebelliously lead their industries and have bold viewpoints on the subject we’re covering. Our mission is to bring forward meaningful and thought-provoking conversations around topics that are important to our community and add value to their overall wellness journey. Subscribe on iTunes or Spotify and never miss an episode from POUND sparking candid convos and inspiration!



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