Sweat Sisters: Why The Bond Between Sisters Is One of The Most Important

The bond between siblings is unexplainable. It’s intense, it’s emotional and it’s everlasting. And let’s be honest, though they may get on each others nerves, good sisters support each other and stand by each other’s side no matter what.

Meet Kelly and Kim: 12 years difference in age, but never closer.

These sisters do it all. Kim, 41, has worked as a certified dental assistant for 17 years and has two boys, Corben (12) and Caleb (8), with her husband Chris. Kelly, 29, works for a financial company and has a 10 ½ month old son, Hunter with her husband Steven.After Kelly had Hunter, she searched for ways to get back into her workout routine. Simultaneously, Kim was getting bored of running and she stopped seeing the results she wanted to see. There was no change in her weight or figure.

<strong><em>“[As we walked into Jessica’s class for the first time,] I could tell there was something different about her than all other fitness instructors. Jessica is the most down-to-earth instructor that I’ve ever met and is not afraid to tell you she gets tired too! Her class is a no judgment zone, which you don’t find at most fitness classes. This makes for the best class ever. Her fun personality is definitely part of the reason we keep coming back!” says Kelly.</em></strong>

Both Kim and Kelly are addicted to POUND – and seeing results!

Kim: “No laughing, “I HAVE A BUTT!” I’m seeing results again! I’m not bored and it’s so fun.”

Kelly: “POUND has gotten me back into a workout routine since having my son. POUND has helped me strengthen my leg muscles; I can tell a difference when I run hills now! I was never great when it came to lunges, but now I can make it through an entire lunge track.”
Both sisters attribute their commitment to POUND to each other – and their bond as sisters has grown since taking class together. With a little healthy competition, Kim and Kelly both push themselves harder and laugh a little louder – because they’re doing it together 😉

“Kelly’s feistiness and outgoing personality keep me motivated. We enjoy working out together,” says Kim. “It’s our one-on-one time – no kids, no husbands.”

“Kim is the most caring, selfless, loving, strong person I have ever met,” says Kelly. “Without her, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through some of the rough patches in my life.”

“Our roots say we’re sisters, our hearts say we’re friends” – Unknown



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