This Triple Braid Pony Is The Ultimate Rockstar Hair Style

Before the POUND Posse, before athletic wear became athleisure, did your gym aesthetic consist primarily of years-old band t-shirts and brightly colored Soffe shorts (still an absolutely acceptable ensemble to rockout and workout in, by the way)? How about your hair: Did you toss strands into a messy topknot on your way out the door, or lazily tighten a low ponytail at the nape of your neck before running sprints on the treadmill? We’ve all been there, but over the years workout attire has transformed into yet another form of self-expression. Now, there are plenty of ways to rock your gym hair in a sweaty-chic fashion, too—you just have to find styles that can sync to your own rhythm, can be worn before, during and after working up a sweat with little to zero touch-ups in between.

Whether you’re rocking out with a pair of Ripstix® in a studio with your posse, jogging the track for extra cardio or lifting heavy in the weight room, we want you to feel your best and be comfortable in your body’s own rhythm. Achieving this comes with eliminating all limitations—both mental as well as physical—which is where gym hairstyles come in. Here at POUND, you better believe we’re experts in sweaty pieces sticking up and all over the tops of our shoulders and down our backs, and as much as we love the feeling of a hard-earned sweat, we could do without damp hair distracting us in between tracks.

Of course, ponytails and messy buns serve their purpose; we’re grateful, but these looks can get tired and, to be honest, we’re not always impressed by their performance. Plus, they aren’t always super versatile when you have somewhere to be post-workout like brunch with girlfriends or the office. If you’re looking for fresh ways to rock your gym hair, try the Triple Braid Pony to keep strands in place, out of your face and distraction-free.

All you’ll need is a brush, three hair clips and one strong hair tie!

Step 1: Separate the top half of your hair into three equal sections. Use a hair clip to keep each section in place.Step 2: Unclip and start braiding each section using a simple braid or french braid technique. Stop braiding when you reach the back of your head and secure with a clip. Note: French braids will keep hair more intact while you’re rocking out. Step 3: Unclip and pull back each section into a ponytail.
And just like that you’re ready to rock out in style!!



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