Hey future POUND Pro,

We are stoked to have you join us at an upcoming POUND Pro Training and hope you’re ready to rock, learn, connect, and have a blast!




Warm up and rock together in an electrifying 30 minute master class making it official that you are now a part of the LOUDEST fitness family. After class you will:

    • Learn the history of POUND and its mission to change minds before bodies
    • Discover how POUND benefits the mind and body while unleashing the rockstar within each of your participants
    • Dive deep into the four components of the POUND Formula and how it’s used to lead a safe and addictive class for participants of any age, level or ability
    • Learn visual and verbal cueing and practice reading POUND’s written choreography, Sheet Music
    • Break down 6 tracks of choreography in each of the four POUND Positions, developing an understanding of POUND techniques

You get a 45 minute break for lunch. Return ready to rock and:

    • Discover and get signed to The Label, an online resource with everything you need to be a successful Pro  – songs and choreography, technique library, marketing and promotional materials, blogs and vlogs to continue learning, Pro Perks, and more
    • Run choreography and round out the day, pulling it all together and applying what you’ve learned
    • Leave with new friendships and an ignited passion for what you love!



What we (and other POUND Pros) recommend to prepare you for your upcoming training: 

    1. Take a live POUND class if you can.  You can find a class at poundfit.com.  Be sure to introduce yourself to the POUND Pro leading class and let them know you will be attending training in the near future – we’re sure they’ll be eager to share their training day story.  🙂

    2. Get active on socials.  More than just a like or follow, we invite to get closer to our online community, our POUND Posse, see first hand the power of POUND and the positive ripple effects it creates across the globe, and be inspired by others just like you. And check out the hashtag #poundpro #poundfit #rockoutworkout

    3. Attend other group fitness classes. Variety is the spice of life and we can learn as humans from each and every situation we encounter.  Be sure to observe and absorb each individual’s teaching style and notice how the class participants interact with one another.

    4. Research and explore a group fitness certification. While it’s not a prerequisite, there is tremendous value in learning about the body, movement, and exercise science.  The POUND Pro Training is accredited by world’s leading fitness organizations including ACE, AFAA, NASM, canfitpro, BCRPA, REPS, and Fitness Australia. POUND Pros also receive special discounts with these educational partners.

    5. M&M’s: Not the candy (although we like these too!) but Musicality & Mirroring.Musicality: Music is the driving force of the POUND workout and class experience. Understanding beat and rhythm are a key components of POUND Pro training. Practice how to find and count the 8-count in music with this video.

    6. Mirroring: We face our students when we teach through a concept called mirroring. Using the mirror image instruction style we are the audience and our students are the rockstars in their own fitness concert. When we face one another we feel bonded and connected, which allows students to push further and go harder in class. We can we see our students’ faces and make eye contact while smiling, engaging and encouraging them. And we are able to correct form as needed; this can be as simple as using your Ripstix to point to a part of your body to suggest proper form. Practice getting comfortable with your back to the mirror and moving to the left as your class moves to the right.

    7. Connect with us on Spotify by following our page. This will help you familiarize yourself with some of the amazing music used in a POUND and to rock out to as well!

    8. Get a good nights sleep. 😴



The morning of, make sure you have…

    • A quiet space where you can MOVE and focus on the training day
    • A strong wifi connection
    • Computer, tablet or phone
    • Power outlet and chargers
    • Water and snacks (we’ll break for 45 minutes at lunch)
    • A pencil or pen + notebook
    • Comfortable shoes (barefoot acceptable)
    • Layered fitness clothing (stay warm during lecture and cool during choreography)
    • A rockstar attitude

We hope you find these recommendations inspiring and informative as you prepare for your training day.

We can’t wait to MAKE NOISE with you!



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