Our lives are filled with stories. There are the silly ones we share on Facebook, the hidden ones we hope no one hears and the fleeting ones that are immediately forgotten. We’re here to tell you a story that YOU are a part of, one that has affected us and one that we can pass on to affect others for decades to come.


Three years ago, we put the pen to paper and started our very own POUND story. Our journey as friends and partners gained momentum and that’s when YOU began your own journey within ours as STUDENTS, PROS and POSSE members. 🙂


Our POUND story is composed of the people POUND effects: the bodies that change, the empowerment that’s ignited and the lives that are renewed.


Here’s a story from a grandmother, mother and daughter trio that take class from our PRO, Keisha, in San Marcos that we would not have known if Keisha didn’t share it with us!
“Three months ago, my mother, age 57, Ester, my daughter, 16 Naomi and myself, Elizabeth, age 36, joined crunch gym looking to improve our health. We started taking Keisha’s POUND class and every week with the amazing coaching and encouragement from Keisha the I CANTS turned in to TRY – and JUST DON’T STOP. She would add modifications that still generated results without making us feel any less than those around us.


Between the three of us, we have lost over 27 pounds and inches proven by smaller dress sizes … But above what can be measured by numbers is week by week we can squat lower – do the ab tracks just a little better – all those ACCOMPLISHMENTS are proof – we’re getting stronger! My mom’s health is improving; she actually wears real workout paints now 🙂 My daughter’s confidence is growing and the habit of “I can’t” is being broken. I personally have the most weight to drop, but class by class I am able to do less modification – Keisha truly empowers those she instructs. Her passion and drive make this POUND Class a class that can’t be missed! A class that will shape you -if you TRY and DONT STOP!”
These women experienced The POUND Effect, and because of stories like theirs, we persistently push forward every single day to reach as many people of all ages, shapes, sizes and states-of-mind as we can. Sometimes we all need to hear that our hard work is making a difference, right? 🙂 YOU make a difference to US and we hope we continue to shape each others’ lives for years to come!


Now, we are aching to hear YOUR stories from YOUR perspective as a STUDENT, PRO or POSSE member.


Confidence, weight loss, performance, empowerment, stress-relief, coordination, anger-management– or even your OWN improvements and growth from teaching class– everyone has a story to tell, right?


Let’s share! Tag #thePOUNDeffect on Twitter and Instagram and tag POUND on Facebook so we can spotlight your experiences! Take your time, compile your thoughts and let YOUR special story be heard. We’re listening 🙂


With love, passion and constant support,
Kirsten and Cristina


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